Paper lace
Using photographic backdrop paper, positive and negative images are drawn, and then cut with a large knife.

The work is designed to hang without causing the paper to stretch. Images up to 36 feet in length and 9 feet in width are possible, such as this example of a Tree of Life, created for Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.

The image is made larger by triple cutting the image on three pieces of paper and hanging them in a triangular format.

By painting the paper first with layers of acrylic paint, and then cutting the image, another type of papercut is possible. The detail of an angel is an adaptation of a Russian Icon, and is a part of the entire piece which measures 6' x 16'. Small processional paper lace banners can be commissioned.


Nylon net painted with acrylic and medium is hung from two independent fixed points in the front, and independently at each end to sculpt an image of Pentecost. The right image is water color on nylon.

Fire, Earth, Air and Water, four angels for Advent, piece work.

African textile designs painted on paper

Community Participation

Elements that are prepared by congregational efforts can be collected into one image. Here paper origami cranes, folded as an act of prayer for AIDS victims and their families, are hung as a sculpture. Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. There are about 25,000 cranes of all sizes in this piece.