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Welcome to Little River


Our street makes a tee junction with highway 101. On the left the memento mori for the residents of The Woods.We see this as we turn onto 101 to go to Mendocino!
On our way to Mendocino (2, 3 miles)
we pass the local post office...
... as you can see it has a lot more going for it than East Oakland PO.
A little farther on is Van Damm beach, just across the road from the entrance to the Van Damm State Forest. We enjoy the resident goose (sadly there were two geese before Thanksgiving) but it was not around this evening - pictures of it later.
Little River flows into the cove here, Big River is a few miles further on.
and Mendoza's, our grocery store
Right now it's crab season
and Harriet is having fun
(Nancy is allergic)
On our way back out of town. Nancy says this is the only stop sign where she hopes for a traffic jam.
As we go back home we look down onto Van Damm beach.

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Winter 2000

fog - frost - snow - ice!