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Worshipping in a Gym

Oakland Diocese
Jubilee Mass
in the Oakland Arena


An art project designed and directed by Nancy Chinn
to reflect the diversity of the diocese.

Nancy first researched folk textile patterns from around the world to symbolize the diversity of the Diocese, transformed then into design strips two inches high and totaling half a football field in length, and color-keyed each strip. The completed mural surrounded the inside of the Oakland Arena, home of the golden State Warriors.
A class of 10 seminary students was trained to work with parishes to paint mural strips and to paint carpets beneath the altar and ambo.
She also organized 89 parishes into a painting schedule, assisted by a webpage to help organize and make information accessible to all.
Over six hundred people painted. Their ages ranged from six years to ninety plus and one was blind.
Volunteers installed the paintings and were supervised by the class-members
Volunteers also worked for hours to separate marigold petals from their blooms. The petals were used to form a pattern on the floor between altar and ambo.
At the end of the celebration the petals spontaneously became festive confetti.