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Nancy Chinn
Suite 113
43300 Little River Airport Rd
Little River CA, 95456

phone: (707) 937-2246

Order Books

Spaces for Spirit, Adorning the Church, Nancy Chinn, LTP, Chicago, 1998, contains over sixty colored pages of examples of her liturgical work. The volume is available through the publisher, Liturgy Training Publications, (, or through online bookstores: amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Wisdom Searches, Nancy Chinn and Harriet Gleeson, Pilgrim Press, 1999, is an exploration of Sophia, the feminine aspect of God in the Hebrew scriptures, as reflected in the daily lives of these two women. The exploration is carried out through the media of painting, poetry and prose. The foreword is written by Elizabeth Johnson. Available from online bookstores: amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Community Participation

Elements that are prepared by congregational efforts can be collected into one image. Here paper origami cranes, folded as an act of prayer for AIDS victims and their families, are hung as a sculpture. Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. There are about 25,000 cranes of all sizes in this piece.